Wheelchair lift - Wheelchair lifts

Wheelchair Lifts and their value in giving you added freedom of motion

The wheelchair has given freedom of mobility to people and has really changed their lives. These days there are so many different types from manual ones to the electric wheelchair, but there are still some mobility issues with them, especially when it comes to entering places that need some elevation, and this is where wheelchair lifts come in hand. Wheelchair Lifts are perfectly designed to get the person that is on the wheelchair to overcome any boundary that is vertical. If a disabled person needs to go up a flight of steps and they have no other way to overcome this problem, a wheelchair lift will elevate them to higher ground over these steps and will get that person to the desired spot that they need to be at.

This is by know means the only function of a wheelchair lift. A wheelchair bound person may help a person go about on the sidewalks and streets but they can have a very hard time getting into a vehicle and wheelchair lifts can be set to just the right spot to elevate the person and the and their wheelchair into the vehicle. Lots of public places have designed ramps made just for disabled people to roll their wheelchairs through but many private

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places like homes just are not designed to have ramps and the equipment needed to get a disabled person back and forth like a backyard patio or an elevated porch in the front of your home.

The original builders of most homes never thought about anyone in a wheelchair when building the house. Another part of the house most of us take for granted is the doorstep. Doorsteps are so easy for most of us to walk over but for most disabled elderly people it can be a frustrating chore but wheelchair lifts can get them through this with such ease.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the role and purpose of wheelchair lifts the next step would be to discuss how much would they cost and that would also depend on a few major factors. If you are looking for good wheelchair lifts for your home then the cost range for a sturdy electric one is in the $2400 to $4100 range. They are perfectly made for 2 story homes as they can lift you more than 21 feet up. They are also strong enough to lift more then 340 pounds up so weight is rarely an issue with a good name brand wheelchair lift.

If you are looking for one to get you in and out of your car or van then these specialized wheelchair lifts for your automobile will run you anywhere in the $1000 - $3000 range and are also built strong enough to last.

Do not forget that when you are purchasing a wheelchair lift for your car to check with the manufacturer of your vehicle as most of them have a program in which they will kick you back most of the monet you paid for your lift in a reimbursement program they carry as an added benefit they give to most disabled car buyers.

You should also check and see if your current medicare policy will your wheelchair lift. They usually have some conditions that must be met such making sure it is for use only in your home and it must also carry a doctors prescription saying that one is needed. The prescription will also state the amount of time it is needed for the individual. Just make sure you are in touch with your local medicare official so that they can explain all the rules to you either over the phone or in person.